Before You Lease a Copier


Leasing a copier is a great option for companies of all shapes and sizes. It's efficient, safe, and practical--but, like anything worth doing, it's important that you know the right questions to ask beforehand. That way, you know you're getting into the perfect copier lease for your needs.

Homework Questions

There are a lot of things to consider when it comes to leasing office systems like MFPs or copiers. It's not just about which machine will work best for your company--there are also questions like security, service, paper sizes, and more. How can you make sure that you've asked all the right questions? Simple: make sure you do your homework!

If you're interested in leasing a copier, you'll want to start off with these questions before you sign anything.

What about the copier's hard drive?

Today's copiers often store images of all your copies on a hard drive. This can be a problem if you don't know what happens to the hard drive after your lease expires. Removal plans are usually available but sometimes come at an extra fee.

What happens if we need to print on bigger paper?

Some leases will require that you pay double for 11x17 prints, while others give you a flat fee. Make sure you know whether you'll be printing in larger sizes, and, if so, what the price is.

Who handles service costs?

During maintenance or repairs, technicians sometimes need to make a lot of copies--and someone will need to pay for the paper and ink. Based on your lease, will it be you or the leasing company?

Does the cost include taxes?

It's always important to make sure you have an accurate idea of total cost of ownership. Remember to ask about taxes right at the start.

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