Your Business Deserves Managed Print and Here's Why!


Printing is something that every office needs to do, but most offices are finding that their printing costs go up and up every month. To get costs and materials better under control, there is managed print. These helpful services can make everything relating to printing easier for a business, and it can also help with your overall budget.

Saving Time

When you have managed print services, the amount of printing done by each employee is tallied. This cuts out a lot of unnecessary printing that was costing your business big. And because there is less printing being done, there is less time being spent at the printer by everyone. Less printer usage also means less printer downtime, so you won't have employees hanging around waiting to use the printer once it's fixed. It saves time and productivity for a wide variety of employees.

Saving Money

When your printers aren't being used as much, they cost less to run. A lower level of usage saves them from wear and tear, and it saves your budget from constantly needing to pay for more paper and ink or toner. And because the printers are used less often, they don't need as many repairs. All of this is cost saving, making printing cost less per sheet. And because the print service takes care of ordering the supplies, there is less for office personnel to take care of when it comes to the printer. This saves money on the wrong supplies being bought, and it boosts productivity.

Saving Resources

It isn't just time and money that can be saved by using managed print services. It's also the environment. When you have managed print services in place, you will use less paper and ink, and you will have less for the trash. This is a helpful savings for the environment, keeping materials from reaching a landfill. And because your company will be going greener, you can tell this to both prospective employees and prospective clients.

If your business is ready for managed print services, contact us today and get started on this time- and money-saving service.

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