Leverage the Power of a Network Support Printer

Even with concerted efforts to go paperless in the office, paper is still a vital part of daily communications. A printer that delivers sharp text and, when required, high impact color images, is still a crucial part of the equation.

If you're wondering whether a local printer or a network support printer is the better choice for your needs, read on to discover the differences between the two.

Paper or Electronic Storage? The Choice is Clear.

Is it time for your St. Louis organization to stop depending on paper-based storage systems? While paper documents are still a critical part of many business processes, it can be a mistake to rely too heavily on them.

The Problem With Paper

As we write this blog post, winter storm Stella is ravaging the Northeastern United States. It's not the first catastrophic storm to cause major damage to homes and businesses, and it won't be the last. The question to consider is whether or not your St. Louis could survive the impact. Here's where paper falls short:

Put An End to Print Waste

/waste-ful/ adjective used to describe a person or activity that consumes a valuable resource irresponsibly, extravagantly, or without cause

Three Signs You're Overdue for an Office Equipment Upgrade

Midcentury modern office decor may be all the rage, but vintage office equipment? Not so much. Check out our list of tell-tale signs your St. Louis office equipment is ready for a well-deserved upgrade.

Your School's Next Printer—Lease or Buy?

As a St. Louis educational institution, you're always seeking creative approaches to stretch lean budgets. Reducing administrative costs is one way many schools direct more funds toward learning. Read on to discover how leasing your next printer can help you do just that.

Why You Need to Secure Your Documents Now

Did you know your documents contain enough confidential information to destroy your St. Louis business? Before you wonder if we're overstating the case, consider these scenarios:

Go Green With Managed Print Services

More and more businesses are discovering the advantages of Managed Print Services. While many organizations initially enter into a Managed Print engagement to cut back on out-of-control printing costs, other benefits aren't far behind. Here are just a few:

Should You Purchase or Lease Your Multifunction Printer?

Is a new multifunction printer on your St. Louis company's wish list for 2017? These office workhorses are a smart investment. By combining the capabilities of four different technologies into one device, your business can save money, space, and time.

Three Benefits of Switching to a Network Support Print

Printer technology has come a long way, with network support printers offering distinct advantages over isolated personal printers. Your St. Louis office can take advantage of this benefit, and several more, by replacing old, outdated individual printers with a centralized network support printer. Here's a run-down of the areas where you'll see the most benefits:

Save Time and Money With Scanning

If you're like most St. Louis business owners, you never miss an opportunity to reduce waste and cut operating costs. Scanning is one such opportunity. Here's how the savings stack up:

Stop Wasting Time

If it's still true that time is money, then any solution that saves your St. Louis organization time is a winner. Here's how scanning saves you both:


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