5 Reasons Hackers Steal Your Data

As professionals in the IT business, we all have firsthand knowledge that the web can be a dangerous place for anyone, especially if you run a business. The more we analyze security breaches, the more we ask the most crucial question: why? Why do people go through all that trouble to make life more difficult and dangerous for the rest of us?

A Toner Pirate's "Merchandise"


In today’s world, it can be hard to tell what is real and what is fake. While people have heard about counterfeit money and even counterfeit DVD’s and video games, there are even counterfeit products in the world of printing. Where there is money to be made, counterfeit products are going to show up to undercut the margins and steal a few bucks. Fake printing cartridges make up a significant portion of the market, costing people billions of dollars every year. There are a few points that people need to know when it comes to fake printer cartridges.

Finding a Partner with Managed Print Providers


Businesses need to think carefully about what services they are going to keep in-house and what services they are going to outsource. One option that can do wonders for a business is outsourcing printing to managed print services. At the same time, businesses need to take the time to find the right managed print partners. A recent survey showed that most organizations don’t know exactly how much money they spend on printing. Having a strong partner in managed print services can help an organization save both time and money.

How Document Management Addresses Healthcare Industry Challenges


The healthcare industry has always faced staggering administrative costs, and newly-implemented compliance laws have upped the price tag considerably. By implementing electronic document management, the healthcare industry can substantially lower crushing costs and gain some other impressive benefits along the way.

Keep Up with New Digital and Document Management Trends


In today's office, understanding document management and digital communication tools are more important than ever.

Data is coming in and being distributed across the network and to various business devices at a faster rate than ever before. Therefore, businesses must have reliable, secure processes in place for document management and digital organization.

The Risks of Cyberattacks with Windows 7

We hope you understand that this article is being written with tears in our eyes. After months of being part of the loud choir warning about the End of Life of Windows 7, some estimates state that up to 32% of all computers worldwide are still using this operating system!

Microsoft Security Flaws

Life can be ironic, can’t it? We’re not just talking about the “Rain on your wedding day” kind of irony, either. It seems that Microsoft and anyone who works in the tech field — ourselves included — have been harping about how Windows 7 users need to upgrade before its End of Life happened on January 14th. And what else happened on that day?

Stay Away from This Office Scam


The toner pirate scam has taken off in recent years because people don’t always understand where their print supplies come from, so it’s easier to trick them into buying something they don’t need.

Also, with multiple employees involved in print, when a random invoice shows up, sometimes it just gets paid, or with an angry phone call, someone may make a decision that puts your contact information out there and your whole business at risk.

7 Reasons to Upgrade from Windows 7

It’s true that we’ve been running around like Chicken Little, shouting about Windows 7 End of Life, but you know what? The sky has fallen — Windows 7 is dead. That’s right, we are past the End of Life date and Windows 7 is no longer being supported by Microsoft. At least that’s what they are saying.

Does Sustainability Start with Managed Print?


When businesses start looking to improve sustainability measures, it can be hard to find where to start. It seems like almost everything is an issue, so what do you fix first? What has the most significant impact on green business? Which efforts make the most sense for your business?

Here’s a great idea that you may have overlooked – managed print is considered the first step to increased, notable sustainability measures. Why? Because the service cuts back on paper waste, reduces costs, improves efficiency, decreases energy use, and saves money. It’s a win all around.


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