The Most Important Thing You Need to Do When Video Conferencing During COVID-19

Just as people were starting to get in front of stay-at-home recommendations with robust video conferencing and on-line learning options, “zoombombing” was born, proving yet again that evil knows no bounds.

Zoombombing occurs when hackers break into Zoom meetings and wreak havoc by sharing inappropriate video or drawings, screaming obscenities, or posting hate speech. They attack open meetings, those that have no password, have posted the password online or that allow everyone to share their screen.

Managed Print Services are Leading the Way!


Even though technology has advanced in multiple ways, the corporate world is still one that is dominated by paper. This means that printing is still at its center.

Managed print services continue to play a major role in making sure that the printing fleet is optimized to meet the needs of the company. Businesses and organizations are outsourcing printing services to companies that specialize in the world of printing. This saves companies both time and money while providing them with access to the latest technology in the world of printing.

3 Ways Technology Will Help Pull Us Through the COVID-19 Pandemic

Many businesses and people are struggling as the COVID-19 Pandemic. Closures of restaurants and bars, canceled events, and other restrictions force our society to practice social-distancing. In this time of need, we, as a group, are more prepared than most other industries to help our clients maintain their businesses through this crisis. As an MSP, we brand ourselves as partners to our clients, and now is the time for us to step up and help you, our partners.

It's Finally Time to Break Those Bad Printing Habits


The use of the printer in the office is common, but bad habits can also be common at a company. If you or your employees have bad habits, it's important to find out what they are and how they should be changed for better printing results.

5 Tips for Successfully Working from Home

COVID-19 has forced event cancellations, school closures, and a consideration for remote work where possible. As more companies are sending their employees home to work, we compiled this list of tips to be successful away from the office.

Invoicing Just Became Easier with Document Management


The document management system that you are using may be causing unnecessary lags invoicing. When it comes to invoices, it's all about being timely, and a more modern document management system is needed.

7 Necessities before Sending Your Workforce Remote

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, many companies are considering work-from-home options to facilitate social-distancing and to keep their workforce healthy. However, it’s not as simple as sending your employees home, firing up personal laptops, and getting to work. Here are seven things you need to have lined up in order to successfully deploy your remote workforce.  

5 Reasons Hackers Steal Your Data

As professionals in the IT business, we all have firsthand knowledge that the web can be a dangerous place for anyone, especially if you run a business. The more we analyze security breaches, the more we ask the most crucial question: why? Why do people go through all that trouble to make life more difficult and dangerous for the rest of us?

A Toner Pirate's "Merchandise"


In today’s world, it can be hard to tell what is real and what is fake. While people have heard about counterfeit money and even counterfeit DVD’s and video games, there are even counterfeit products in the world of printing. Where there is money to be made, counterfeit products are going to show up to undercut the margins and steal a few bucks. Fake printing cartridges make up a significant portion of the market, costing people billions of dollars every year. There are a few points that people need to know when it comes to fake printer cartridges.

Finding a Partner with Managed Print Providers


Businesses need to think carefully about what services they are going to keep in-house and what services they are going to outsource. One option that can do wonders for a business is outsourcing printing to managed print services. At the same time, businesses need to take the time to find the right managed print partners. A recent survey showed that most organizations don’t know exactly how much money they spend on printing. Having a strong partner in managed print services can help an organization save both time and money.


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