Multifunction Printers & More: What's Right for Small Businesses?


When it comes to printing needs, no two companies are exactly alike--and that's especially true for small businesses. A small business's printing needs might look different from one day to the next, or even from one minute to the next! To help you go with the flow and find a machine that's just what you need, here's a closer look at multifunction printers and their helpful brothers and sisters.


Document Management for Accountants

Business people working in office, paperwork and laptop

No one knows stacks of sensitive documents better than accountants--which means that you deserve an effective, efficient solution that can adapt to your needs, not everyone else's. Enter document management, every accountant's new best friend! Read on to find out what document management can do for you.

Three Ways Toner Pirates Try to Board Your Ship

Man holding magnifying glass to paper

Toner pirates are nothing if not savvy. They've got multiple ways of trying to "board your ship" to steal information, trick your employees, or get you to pay for something you can't use. Here are three toner pirate tricks to look out for!


Why Managed Print is Perfect for Small Businesses


It's not every day that a solution comes along claiming it's perfect for small businesses. After all, small businesses are often overlooked in the "solution shuffle," leaving only a few ill-fitting tools designed for an entirely different set of rules and challenges--but not with managed print. Read on to find out why this solution really is a small business's best friend!

Multifunction Printers: DIY Troubleshooting


Having printer trouble? Don't reach for the phone just yet--here are a few ways to troubleshoot your own tech emergencies before calling in the IT experts.

Document Management: The Workflow Life-Saver


Have you ever been knee-deep in a stressful task, responsibility, or business chore and found yourself wishing for a workflow life-saver? Have no fear--document management is here! Let's take a look at how this solution can turn tired, frustrating workflows into powerful, streamlined patterns of efficiency.

What to Know About Toner Pirates


Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer--that's how the old saying goes. Today we'll do just that by raising our spy-glasses and taking a look at toner pirates: who they are, what they do, and how you can keep them from boarding your ship.

How Managed Print Helps Healthcare Organizations


It's one thing to know that managed print helps save lives in the healthcare industry, but it's another thing entirely to see exactly how it all works. Here are just a few ways managed print helps doctors, patients, and everyone in between!

Leasing vs. Buying Multifunction Printers


You've chosen a make, decided on a model, made space in your office--now the final step toward adding that fancy new multifunction printer to your fleet is to actually get it. You'd think this would be the easy part, but actually, you have one last choice that could make a big difference. Let's find out whether leasing or buying is best for you!

Why You Should Care About Document Management


By now, you've probably at least considered document management solutions for your business--but, for one reason or another, you always passed them up. Today, we'll show you why you should care about document management, and why it's definitely worth your time.


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