Beware of Ransomware!

As we enter 2020 and look back on the past decade, we see how much business and technology have evolved. For example, smartphones went from being a toy that those dang Millennials couldn’t get out of their faces (and the real reason they don’t have jobs, according to everyone’s uncle) to one of the most important fields of computing and marketing. We have also seen the rise and domination of cloud computing and online retailing.

4 Tips to Go Green


Managed print services are well known in the office equipment and services industry since they were created to save organizations money.

This is by far the most significant business benefit. Still, there is more to managed print services, like big benefits for the environment (saving on supplies and energy) and reducing workflow inefficiencies and overall waste.

Managed print services are one of the top ways to go green, so we’ll dive more into that here.

Managing Your Cash Flow

Unless you run a not-for-profit entity, the point of just about every business is to make money. Ironically, for many businesses, especially small businesses, this is the easy part. The hard part is keeping that money. Between paying vendors, purchasing supplies and materials, paying employees, and even yourself, you may find your balance sheet just breaking even. But is this the best way to do business?

Keeping up with the Competition

You may have noticed in the past ten years or so, we’ve had more variety and better prices than ever before when shopping for — well, just about anything! This has been due in part by a global economy where competition is greater than ever. That’s great news for consumers but presents more pressure on companies to differentiate their goods and services from everyone else.

First Three Steps to Go Paperless


Going paperless in your office may seem like a huge undertaking, but it’s just another procedure that has major long term benefits, and there’s only one way to get there – just starting.

Establishing a document management system is easier with the right professional team on board and a solid understanding of your workflows and the desired outcome. Then it just comes down to moving on the first three steps to go digital.

Toner Pirates are No Joke – How to Maintain Smooth Sailing


Toner pirates are part of the online, scam, and cybersecurity world. While the term is a little funny, it's not a scam issue that you want to overlook or be surprised by.

Protecting your business from threats and scams is essential, and sometimes means making employees aware of stranger aspects of a business that are ripe for scammers. One of these is office equipment and supplies because so many companies have kind of a haphazard way to deal with ordering and management of print and supplies.

Is It Time For a Server Upgrade?

While many of us may not physically see our servers as often as we see our personal terminals, we interact with them directly or indirectly daily. Within your office network, the server is the heartbeat of the entire system. Since we rely on them without directly interacting with them we tend to forget that they’re there. However, just like with any other type of computer, servers can expire and need replacing from time to time.

Windows 7 Replacement

The worst kept secret in the IT world right now is that Microsoft will end support of Windows 7 on January 14th of 2020. If you’ve been following this story at all, perhaps you’ve seen that  many people are discussing this across all industries. And if you haven’t been following it, you’re probably wondering why this is such an important topic. It is important because it may affect you and your business.

Why Windows 7 EOL Matters

5 Reasons Universities Need Managed Print


Universities are spread out over a large physical space, making consolidation of resources sometimes tricky. Also, despite significant moves to go digital, hard copy paperwork is still an essential part of university business and communications.

While there is a lot of printing to get done on college or university campuses, the equipment needs to have more features than just printing.

It's also crucial that the printer can help staff organize digital documents and workflows and arrange to backup older materials.

Printer Security 101


Does the security and integrity of your printer matter to you? If your answer to that question was “I don’t know,” its time to learn more.

Cybersecurity is a huge concern for any industry and any size business. And that doesn’t just mean passwords or network security – it means printer security too. Protecting your business means protecting your data from all angles now, so don’t leave your printer out of that equation.


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