A Beginner's Guide for Hosting Your Document Management System


Your document management system can be stored in a couple of ways. It can be stored on a physical server that is located in your office, or it can be hosted off-site in the cloud. The one that you choose often has to do with how much data you have to keep safe and what your budget is.

No Matter How Big or Small, Your Business Needs Managed Print


The high cost of printing just seems to go up and up, and for many companies, it soon gets out of control. To pay less per printed page, there is managed print. With managed print services, the way printing is handled in your office is changed to a better, more efficient system.

Effective Tactics to Handle Pesky Toner Pirates


When it's time to order some toner, there is much more to think about than looking for the best available price. Sometimes, lower prices are used to scam companies into buying fake toner, cheap toner, or losing money in exchange for nothing at all. Here's how toner pirates may try to scam your business. 

Don't Stay Behind the Times - Upgrade to a Multifunction Printer Today!


Today's multifunction printers are lightyears ahead of many office machines used just a few years ago. These units are fast, energy-efficient and can get a lot more done than most single-function machines.

Storing and Managing Documents with a Document Management System


The old system of storing documents in giant filing cabinets comes with a lot of problems. And these days, many of those problems are related to security. However, the old system is also responsible for wasting time that no longer has to be used looking through cabinets for documents.

Tips and Tricks to Avoiding Toner Pirates


Toner pirates are out there, taking money from companies and delivering little or nothing in return. Here are a few tips for avoiding these pirates and getting the toner you need without the risk.

The 7 Benefits of Managed Print


Managed print services can help your business in many ways. Here are just seven of the benefits to your company.

Better Security

These days, security is everyone's job. Managed print services include an assessment of the security measures of each of the printers in the fleet. This often comes with a recommendation to get rid of older, less-secure printers. Your provider may also be able to install some security features. With better security overall, your company can keep its network safer.

The Why's and How's of Choosing a Multifunction Printer for Your SMB


It's rare for an office to run these days without a multifunction printer. However, it can be tough to choose just the right one. Here are three things to consider when making your choice.

Document Management Services for Your Small Buisness


The number of documents that a company has to deal with can be overwhelming, but today there is a better way to manage them. The use of digital document management services makes many aspects of work easier for a wide range of employees.

Don't Let the Toner Pirates Target Your Business!


Toner pirates are out there, and they're targeting businesses just like yours. Here's how they ply their trade and how you can stop them before they scam your company out of money.


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