Reducing Waste with Managed Print


Reducing waste is one of the important goals held by many businesses right now. It's good not just for the environment but also for employee morale. Workers want to know that they're making a difference, and with managed print services, they can get closer to that goal.

Maintenance Problems and Their Solutions for Your Multifunction Printer


The average multifunction printer will run into a few problems over its lifetime, even if it is well taken care of. Here are a few common problems and what to do about them. 

Accounting Wisdom: Document Management vs. Document Storage


Accounting firms of all shapes and sizes have a lot of documents to deal with. The chances are that just about every one of these documents has some sensitive information or company secret, so they can't be jammed in a file cabinet and left alone--but what's the real difference between document storage and document management? Let's find out!

No Business as Usual

Currently, there is no such thing as Business as Usual. Every day, small and medium businesses are re-inventing how they function. The most unfortunate side-effect of this COVID-19 crisis is that many small businesses have closed, and many of those will not re-open. The economic repercussions from this event will ripple throughout the landscape for decades. Only the strong will survive.


Best Practices to Avoid Those Pesky Toner Pirates


When you think about all of the hazards of doing business today, pirates may not be on your radar. However, toner pirates are a real scourge, and they can end up costing unsuspecting businesses a lot of time and money.

Your Business Deserves Managed Print and Here's Why!


Printing is something that every office needs to do, but most offices are finding that their printing costs go up and up every month. To get costs and materials better under control, there is managed print. These helpful services can make everything relating to printing easier for a business, and it can also help with your overall budget.

9 Things To Do Before Business Picks Back Up

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, most businesses have slowed down. A recent Goldman Sach’s survey found that more than 50% of 1,500 small business owners said they couldn’t continue for more than 3 months at current rates. Rather than wallow and wait, though, take the opportunity to do those things that you never have time to do. Here are nine things that you should do now so that you’re ready to excel when this crisis is over.

Document Management Benefits for Your Architecture Firm


There is no architecture firm without its blueprints. As architects, you like to go through an enormous amount of both paper and ink to create your designs, your plans, and more. Then there are the changes, approvals, and other printing needs. 

Surviving the New Workplace

With the ongoing situation in the world, there are many people who are either furloughed or have been outright laid off from their jobs. Those of us who can work from home are very fortunate to be able to keep working through all of this, even as business slows down.

Don't Let the Toner Pirates Win


There are a lot of things to worry about in the modern office, but pirates may not be one of them in your business. However, there are pirates out there causing untold problems in offices around the country. Toner pirates are ready to scam you, but you can be ready for them.


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