Business Continuity

Natural disasters, fire, flood, theft and even simply hardware failure can be catastrophic if you don’t have your business data backed up. From your network servers to your desktop computers, you need a plan to make sure that your critical business information is backed up and easy to recover quickly. Unfortunately, most businesses don’t have a strategy that addresses both backup and data recovery.

How Da-Com Makes Backup and Disaster Recovery Right

You can look to Da-Com for a complete disaster recovery strategy. Regular backups to secure on-site and offsite locations are the first step. The next step is having a partner that can help you get up-and-running with a virtual office quickly.

You Get Proven Backup Technologies
Backup technologies continue to evolve. You need a backup strategy that combines on-site backups with cloud storage. We help you develop and implement an automated backup strategy customized for your business.

You Get Virtual Desktops
If something does go wrong with one or all of your desktops you need a fast recovery plan. We can mirror all of your computers on a virtual server. That means a user can securely log into a virtual desktop from any computer and continue work as usual.

You Get Data Recovery Support
You need a partner that does more than just back up your data. When things do go wrong our team of network support engineers can show up on site or in a temporary office location, set up a computer network and get your team back online. This means that you can continue business while you rebuild.

To learn more about how our Backup and Disaster Recovery Services could help your company, contact us today.