Copier & Printer Supplies

Your copiers, printers and multifunction systems need the right supplies to maximize image quality and extend their lifecycle.

Da-Com Makes Copier and Printer Supplies Right

You get the right supplies for your systems. However, you don’t need to the cost of employees stockpiling expensive printer cartridges in supply closets. You don’t need to worry about these expensive items getting stolen and sold online.

You Get Cost-per-Page Agreements
Most of our clients like our cost-per-page agreements. For one low cost-per-page you get everything you need to print or copy: supplies, preventative maintenance, remote monitoring and on-site service. We can support your existing network of printers. Or, we can help you acquire new devices and include the hardware in your cost-per-page.

You Get One Invoice
Instead of wondering what you are spending on supplies, service calls and hardware you get one invoice detailing all of your print usage. You’ll save time and money by managing one invoice instead of multiple vendors.

You Get Service and Preventative Maintenance
Our cost-per-page agreements include service and preventative maintenance. When your printers or copiers break we’ll be there to fix them. Taking care of your devices also extends their lifecycle, saving you money and the environment.

You Get Proactive Supply Replenishment
Many offices stockpile expensive printer cartridges because they don’t want to run out of toner. However, these cartridges are easy targets for theft. Just check online auction sites and notice how many printer cartridges are for sale. We remove this risk by monitoring your printers and shipping supplies only when they are needed.

You Get the Right Supplies
There are many companies that try to sell budget printer supplies but aren’t on the hook if they cause your printers to malfunction. Putting the wrong supplies in your printers, copiers or multifunction systems could cause system failure and void the warranty. We make sure you have the right supplies for your devices so that you can maximize their lifecycle.

You Get the Da-Com Performance Promise
Everything we do is backed by our written Performance Promise. Essentially, this promise is our guarantee to you that if there is an issue, Da-Com Makes IT Right.

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