Document Management

Your business information may be the biggest asset your business owns.  Some of this information is in digital format, stored on your servers and computers.  Other information is on paper in filing cabinets and desk drawers.  Regardless of the format you need to make sure this information is accessible, secured and backed up.

How Da-Com Makes Document Management Right

Da-Com Makes Document Management Right by helping you implement a strategy to manage paper and digital information in one place.  Your employees are spread across multiple offices and field locations.  We make sure they can access information on the go from mobile devices.  We also make sure your information is secure and backed up.

You Get Automated Importing

Scanning, indexing and importing documents into a document Document Management system can be time consuming. Our automated document capture software automates that process making it easy to get information into your system. More»

You Get Customized Organization

With your scanned paper documents and digital information all in one place your employees will be able to find what they need in seconds.  This enhances productivity. It speeds up business process. It also empowers better customer service. More»

You Get Increased Security

Critical business information does not need to get in the wrong hands. Our content management solutions give you control over which employees accesses specific types of information. They also keep a log of who has viewed what documents, giving you and audit trail. More»

You Get the Cloud and Remote Access Options

You may not want to store all of your information on site. You may want employees to have access to documents from the field. And you may want a redundant disaster recovery strategy. Our cloud-based solutions give you a secure way to store, share and backup your information using the power and security of a hosted solution. More»

You Get Disaster Recovery

No business owner wants to get a call notifying them that their business has burned down or been flooded. However, these disasters happen every day. With all of your critical documents scanned and backed up off site you won’t have to worry about a natural disaster, fire or flood putting you out of business. More»

You Get Data Integration

Most businesses have existing line-of-business, accounting or ERP software that can be document-enabled. Imagine being able to pull an image of an invoice or signed work order without leaving the software application. More

You Get Regulatory Compliance

Every industry has a mix of federal, state and local laws that require sensitive information to be kept confidential. Document Management helps you develop a compliant environment for both paper and digital information. More

You Get Workflow Optimization

Every organization can benefit from automation that improves productivity. Our Document Management solutions provide a platform for automating business processes, improving productivity and reducing costs. More.


You Get the Da-Com Performance Promise

All of our solutions come with the Da-Com Performance Promise.  This is your guarantee in writing that if there are issues with your devices we will do what we’ve been doing since 1965:  Da-Com Makes IT Right.
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