Fax Machines

While faxing does not get used as often as it may have 10 years ago, many business processes still rely on the simplicity of faxing. However, you may not need as many fax machines as you used to.

How Da-Com Makes Fax Machines Right

Da-Com Makes Faxing Right by helping you determine the correct number of fax machines for your location, adding faxing to your multifunction systems and integrating faxing with email

You Get Commercial Grade Systems
Business faxing requires systems that can stand up to the rigors of everyday usage. Consumer grade systems end up leaving you frustrated. You get commercial grade fax systems from Da-Com that are able to deliver reliable performance.

You Get Multifunction Systems
If you have lower fax volumes but still need faxing, it may make sense to add a faxing option to your multifunction systems. This allows you to get the functionality you need without the cost of maintaining, powering and supplying a standalone fax machine.

You Get Scan-to-Email
Many of our fax machines and multifunction systems offer scan-to-email capability. This creates the convenience of faxing while delivering the document directly to an email address as a PDF attachment. This is a fantastic way to send documents to customers and vendors who do not have fax machines.

You Get Fax Servers
You can manage your faxing centrally with a fax server. Inbound faxes can be routed to email addresses and printers. Outbound faxes can be sent from multifunction systems. The server keeps a record of every inbound and outbound fax, building a paper trail and ensuring you never lose and important fax.

You Get the Da-Com Performance Promise
All of our scanners come with the Da-Com Performance Promise. This is your guarantee in writing that if there are issues with your devices we will do what we’ve been doing since 1965: Da-Com Makes IT Right.

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