Managed Print Services

Laser printers create an essential bridge between your digital data and paper. However, if they are not properly managed, printers can become a bloated expense draining money from your bottom line profits. They can also become a hassle that distracts your I.T. resources from their strategic tasks.

How Da-Com Makes Print Management Right

Most businesses have no idea how much money they are spending on printing. We help you discover your true cost of printing. Then we manage your fleet to minimize expenses, increase productivity and extend the lifecycle of your fleet of printers. At the same time we relieve your I.T. team of the distraction of managing printers.

You Get Visibility Into Your True Print Costs
You'll be able to know exactly what your total print costs are.  Instead of costs being buried in multiple office supply, IT and facilities budgets, you'll get one invoice that clearly outlines your total printing costs.

You Get an Optimized Printing Infrastructure
Your business needs are always changing.  We analyze your printing trends to optimize your fleet of printers.  The end result is increased productivity and lower costs.  Plus we're continually monitoring your printer fleet working to anticipate and solve problems before they become business-slowing issues.

You Free Up Your I.T. Department
Printer problems can be a real distraction to high-value I.T. resources.  With Managed Print Services from Da-Com your I.T. department can focus on strategic initiatives.  When users have a printer problem they simply call the Da-Com help desk and their issue is taken care of.

You Get the Da-Com Performance Promise
All of our services come with the Da-Com Performance Promise. This is your guarantee in writing that if there are issues we will do what we’ve been doing since 1965: Da-Com Makes IT Right.

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