Office Supplies

Your office needs the essentials to run: pens, paperclips, Post-It notes and file folders. We help you get the office supplies you need while controlling your budget and improving your customer service.

How Da-Com Makes Office Supplies Right

When it comes to office supplies most companies have to choose between out-of-state websites or big box stores. There is a better way. You can look to Da-Com to get the supplies you need while controlling your budget.

You Get Control Over Your Own Online Supplies Store
You’ll have your own online store. You get control over what products are offered. You can enforce spending limits and approval processes. Instead of sending employees to wander around office supply stores with corporate credit cards, this ensures that you stay inside your budget.

You Get Personal Local Service
The Da-Com team has been helping clients in St. Louis, southern Missouri and southeastern Illinois for over 65 years. Instead of emailing someone in another city or country, you’ll be talking to a friendly Da-Com representative right here in Missouri. Each time you order supplies they’ll be delivered directly to your locations.

Your Get Great Pricing
You can take advantage of great pricing based on our volume buying relationships with office supply providers. This means that you can still get the same discounts you’ve may have enjoyed from an online provider while still enjoying the support of the local Da-Com team.

You Get the Da-Com Performance Promise
We back up everything we do with the Da-Com Performance Promise. Simply put, Da-Com Makes IT Right. If there is a problem, we will resolve it.

Get Started Now
To get started contact us today to setup your online supply store. It’s free. It could be the beginning of a new level of saving, control and excellent support when it comes to your office supplies.