Print Job Re-routing

Are you looking for ways to save money and reduce the environmental impact of your office?  Print job re-routing allows you to set rules that send high volume jobs to low cost printers.  You can also implement rules to save paper.

How Da-Com Makes Print Job Re-Routing Right

Da-Com makes print job re-routing right by implementing software that gives you control over your print environment.  Now you can decide what types of jobs go to specific types of printers.  You'll save money, boost productivity and reduce your environmental footprint.

You Get Cost Savings
Some printers have a lower cost of operation than others.  Typically, it's the larger multifunction systems that are less expensive to operate than slower desktop printers.  With print job re-routing you can implement rules that automatically send larger jobs to workgroup multifunction systems.  Even if the user prints to their desktop printer, the large job will be re-routed and the user will be notified.  Over a year this could result in big savings to your company.

You Get Less Paper Usage
Print job re-routing can automatically default your jobs to duplex (two-sided) printing.  With the cost of paper rising and more awareness of the environmental impact of paper, you can help reduce your paper usage.  This not only helps your budget, it helps you reduce your environmental footprint.

You Get More Control
It's one thing to ask people to send jobs to low cost printers.  It's another thing to implement software that enforces these rules.  Print job re-routing gives you control, letting you decide the rules and enforce them.

You Get the Da-Com Performance Promise
All of our scanners come with the Da-Com Performance Promise. This is your guarantee in writing that if there are issues with your devices we will do what we’ve been doing since 1948: Da-Com Makes IT Right.

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