You need a bridge between your paper documents and your computer systems. Scanners make this possible. However you need the right scanners for the right application.

How Da-Com Makes Scanners Right

Da-Com Makes Scanning Right by providing the right scanners for the right applications. Centralized scanning locations need production scanners with high-speed feeds and image correction. Decentralized scanning applications need easy-to-use scanners and multifunction systems distributed throughout your worksites.

You Get Productive and Reliable Scanners
Whether you are doing centralized or decentralized scanning, you need systems that are fast and dependable. This starts with getting the right scanners for the right location. It is sustained by making sure your scanners are properly maintained. We help you pick the right systems and make sure they are proactively maintained.

You Get Integration With Your Software
Every scanned document has a destination. If you are routing documents to your existing software applications we can help by customizing the user interface of your scanners or multifunction systems. Pre-programmed buttons can be configured to automatically route documents to the right location.

You Get Automated Capture
Once documents are scanned, the next question that arises is, “How are we going to index them?” Capture software can make that process automatic. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Barcode Reading applications can be used to read information from scanned documents and automatically index them. De-skew and de-speckle also helps ensure document quality. Read More» (Link to Capture page)

ou Get Document Management
Are you looking for a way to organize, store, retrieve and backup your scanned documents? You can take advantage of Da-Com’s expertise in document management. We can help you design and deploy a customized document management system that helps you streamline your workflows, improve security and create a disaster recovery plan. Read More» (Link to Document management page)

You Get the Da-Com Performance Promise
All of our scanners come with the Da-Com Performance Promise. This is your guarantee in writing that if there are issues with your devices we will do what we’ve been doing since 1965: Da-Com Makes IT Right.

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