Today’s businesses face increasing threats from hackers and cyber thugs trying to access your network and steal valuable information. The threats are not limited to large businesses and government agencies. In fact, these thieves prey on vulnerable businesses that don’t have a network security strategy.

How Da-Com Makes Network Security Right

You need a partner that takes network security seriously. Da-Com Makes Network Security right by taking a comprehensive approach to managing your network firewalls and end-point security on your desktop devices.

You Get a Security Strategy
Protecting your critical data begins with a strategy. Each business faces unique security risks. We help you develop a strategy customized to your specific business needs.

You Get Effective Firewalls
Just like you lock the doors on your business and arm your security system each night, you need effective firewalls to block unwanted traffic from your network. You get the latest firewall technologies to make sure your network is protected from unauthorized visitors. You also get the ability to block access to productivity-draining social media sites.

You Get End Point Security for All of Your Devices
Each of your computers, laptops and tablets pose a potential security risk. If these devices are not kept up-to-date with the latest virus and software updates you are at risk. Just one device that is not secure could be the open backdoor for a security breach. We help you implement end-point security for all of your devices.

You Get Email Security
While email is an important communication tool, it can also be a source of malicious viruses. We help you secure your email, implementing software that intersects and scrubs email with dangerous attachments.

To learn more about how our Network Security Services could help your company, contact us today.