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Digital Solutions for Your Fiscal Department


Is your fiscal department digital or still working in hard copy? It’s okay if they are hard copy, but is it best for your business? It’s hard to say that one or the other is right for you, but with some easy questions, you can take a look at your business and decide for yourself.

Can Accounts Payable go Paperless?

Talk to your finance department and your employees. Are you meeting them where they are with tools to do their jobs and how they communicate? Or are they quietly discussing how ‘far behind’ the business is?

3 Ways to Get Out in Front of Other Paperless Offices


Document management came on the scene and leveled-up the playing field for the paperless office. Now, your entire office can be scanned, saved, organized, searchable, and securely stored in the cloud. It’s like a new world for operations!

There are reasons to get on board with this trend quickly, instead of waiting for it to update more. First off, your business wants to stay ahead of this feature so that your operations don’t get behind. Why does it matter? We’ll dig in, with three ways to get ahead of other paperless offices listed below.

4 Ways to Enhance Security and Compliance

digital security

Office security in today’s high-risk world is serious. From data protection to network security, passwords, and confidentiality to compliance, it seems like the largest growing field in businesses is security.

This is stressful because so much is based on the what-if. However, establishing the right compliance, security procedures, and risk mitigation is the best way to protect yourself and severely reduce the stress of what could happen.

How Paperless Pays Off in Distribution

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How Paperless Pays Off in Distribution 

Supply chain and distribution management is a complicated business. Cost reductions are rare, and external fluctuations can put entire companies underwater. 

Document management is a resource that can drastically improve the efficiency of a company, one of the only aspects that can still adapt to cost structures internally. Think about it – as you're using data, labels, slips, contracts, and other documents, there are more efficient ways to process those materials. 

What Happens When Human Resources Goes Paperless

human resources

Human resources is a complicated practice. From recruiting talent to maintaining information to communications, there is a lot going on in the department.

That's where efficient processes come in, and document management is at the forefront of improving efficiency for offices around the globe. Going digital from a long-time hard copy paper practice can be difficult at first, but with the right tech partner (like Da-com), it makes sense quickly.

5 Ways Document Management Means Happier Customers

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Document management systems are becoming more common, and many businesses realize the extensive time and money saving benefits of the service.

While much of the information about document management focuses on why it works for your business, there are also great external benefits as well. Document management has a huge impact on customer relations, and investing in a service that streamlines workflows and makes communication quick and convenient means that your customers will be happier and more likely to recommend your company.

3 Ways Document Management has Changed with Cloud Solutions

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The digital office space has changed the way we do almost everything. From communicating with coworkers to submitting a RFP, your job is completely different than it was 20 or even 10 years ago.

But it's good to consider - is it easier than it was then? The digital revolution was supposed to make things more simple and convenient.

If you feel like that hasn't been the case at your job, there may be additional office solutions that you can implement to leverage the online world we live in.

It’s All About Customer Service: How Document Management Helps

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Setting up a digital workflow means that your office will transition from a hard copy, old school operation into a high-level, customer-oriented machine.

Not sure you believe this in this change? Using office automation technology can improve client relations, employee morale, office operations, and most importantly, all interpersonal communications.

One of the biggest advancements in technology and automation is document management; the service that takes your business from analog to digital - going paperless is how it's commonly known.

Document Management Tools: Data Capture

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The best thing about document management is that it's not just one simple solution. Instead, it's an interconnected network of tools and strategies that work together to strengthen, streamline, and improve your workflows from start to finish--and data capture is one such tool you definitely won't want to overlook.

Document Management

Why should small businesses care about the cloud?


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