Seminole County Clerk of Courts HP Scanners, Kofax Capture and Intellidact Software Automate Redaction Process

CaptureIn the information age, governments provide the public with access to an unprecedented amount of information in the form of public documents. It’s a contemporary litmus test for an open society. Balancing this out is the assurance of personal privacy. Public records often include personal information that individuals would prefer to keep confidential, including full legal names, addresses, social security numbers and more. Identity thieves don’t need to go dumpster diving anymore to find private personal data; all the information they need is in public documents.

The Seminole County Clerk of Courts in Florida is dealing with this dilemma by providing public access to records, but redacting personal information that the public doesn’t need to know. To keep pace with the growing volume of such documents—more than 100 million pages last year—it has deployed HP scanners in combination with software that automatically redacts the sensitive information.

“Our HP scanners and automatic redaction system is saving our office many, many hours of staff time,” notes Shahid Khoja, system administrator. “It does an excellent job of identifying the right information to redact so that manual intervention is rarely necessary.”

Protecting Private Data in Public Records

The Seminole County Clerk of Courts acts as the central record-keeper for Seminole County, located in central Florida just northwest of Orlando. It handles documents relating to all court cases—civil, criminal, traffic and juvenile—as well as all land records, and more. The office employs 15 deputy clerks who work full-time scanning and processing the documents.

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