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4 Tips to Go Green


Managed print services are well known in the office equipment and services industry since they were created to save organizations money.

This is by far the most significant business benefit. Still, there is more to managed print services, like big benefits for the environment (saving on supplies and energy) and reducing workflow inefficiencies and overall waste.

Managed print services are one of the top ways to go green, so we’ll dive more into that here.

5 Reasons Universities Need Managed Print


Universities are spread out over a large physical space, making consolidation of resources sometimes tricky. Also, despite significant moves to go digital, hard copy paperwork is still an essential part of university business and communications.

While there is a lot of printing to get done on college or university campuses, the equipment needs to have more features than just printing.

It's also crucial that the printer can help staff organize digital documents and workflows and arrange to backup older materials.

How a Print Audit Saves Money


Have you recently taken stock of your print environment? Some companies have a regular process to check in with print, but some rarely take a look at what it costs your company. That could be a bigger deal than you think.

Print audits can save almost 3% of your company's revenue by finding inefficiencies and high print costs that can be dramatically reduced. How is this possible? Read on!

4 of our Favorite Benefits of Managed Print


Managed print has developed more in the last few years, even though it has been around for a while. New technology has consistently improved the service, like cloud storage and additional advancements.

Managed print is now more efficient and can provide more significant cost savings than ever before. The question is, with a proven print budget improvement, reliable security, and an easy to learn the system, why wouldn’t your business have managed print?

Be Smart about Outsourcing


When starting a business or reevaluating costs, it can be easy to outsource everything that you can’t see a good ROI for. However, outsourcing could be extremely smart or very costly. It depends on what projects or aspects of your business you choose to outsource, and what vendor partner you select to help you.

Luckily, there are some technical aspects of a business that are very smart to outsource. Here are a few ideas.

What to Outsource

Outsourcing the following can lead to better productivity and efficiency in operations from your teams:

4 Reasons Managed Print Works

printer in use

Being competitive in today’s business market means constantly evaluating costs, processes, and productivity measures. Often, in budget analysis or changes, there are “low-hanging” fruits for fixing spending. While print environment is one easy solution, it can sometimes get ignored. However, managed print can help to save a lot of money in this aspect of operations.

Top 3 Reasons Managed Print Will Change Your Business

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Your business has goals - financial goals, volumes, and customer goals. Of course you are working hard to reach them everyday. But, have you ever wondered how you can find other office strategies that are maybe off the beaten path that can help you reach your goals?

Managed print is a great example of this. Managed print takes the workload of print off your administrative team, cuts costs, and gets your budget in order. But many businesses are unfamiliar with the service.

Is Managed Print Right for Us?

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Managed print is a newer service on the market, but so many businesses have invested in it already that it's hard to tell just how new it is.

How can you tell if a business has invested in managed print? Honestly, they are less stressed about the little stuff - ordering print supplies, for example.

Their workflows are seamless and uninterrupted by little printing problems, and their admin team is free from the repetitive tasks to actually provide assistance to your organization.

6 Ways to Save on Printing

save money

Your print budget seems to always take a hit. From repairs to extra supplies, it's hard to keep it realistic, consistent, and manageable every month. Of course you've considered ways to save, but here are a few options that may not have come up in previous budget brainstorming sessions.

Find Your Print Solutions and Save

Print solutions that help your budget go beyond just telling employees to print less.

How Print Audits Cut Major Business Costs

costs on chalkboard

Overseeing a print fleet can be pretty work intensive and costly. Also, there may not be one centralized system in your business - different departments often oversee different aspects of the print environment, making it hard to review costs, set a budget, and streamline effort and time put in to print management.

Luckily, managed print can overcome these challenges and really get your print budget back on track. In fact, InfoTrends recently reported that businesses can cut print spending by 30% by switching to managed print services.


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