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Printing isn't going anywhere soon, but that doesn't mean it can't be streamlined and improved. In fact, printing can be more expensive than you realize--so today, we'll cover some handy tips to help you print smart and save money along the way.

The Importance of Sound Office Equipment

Although it is sometimes overlooked, having quality functioning office equipment at your business can save a lot of unnecessary hassle and wasted time. You want to be able to find the accurate balance between saving oncosts and purchasing machines that are capable of the workload. Should you buy used or brand new? Should you opt for one multifunction system or individual printers for each workstation? These are all important factors to consider when making the decision to purchase new office equipment.

An important factor you must also consider is figuring out the use or function of the new equipment that you are purchasing. If you don’t print much and have a relatively small office, it doesn’t make much sense to get the most advanced multifunction system on the market. Conversely, if you are a growing business that plans on expanding further, an investment such as this may be necessary.

Printing Industry Seeing Growth

According to industry experts, the printing industry has been seeing growth and will continue to see growth in the year 2012. This marks the first increase since the year 2007 and is welcomed by copier dealers and commercial printers alike. That being said, recovery may still remain inconsistent throughout the rest of the year. It is still important for those involved in the printer industry to be wary of changes and fluctuations in sales.

It has been quite a rough couple of years. The recession has made printing, and the printing needs of businesses, take a back seat in many aspects of daily business life. Even though the trends are pointing in a positive direction, the industry as a whole has yet to break the numbers that were showing a number of years ago. This peak was met in the year 2000, and it seems that the current numbers are still roughly -20% from the all-time peak in that year.

Smart Printing Tips for your Office

When it comes to printing at the office, you generally want to put in place a policy that is both cost-effective and good for the environment. This doesn’t mean that you need to start patrolling the printer room and look for rule breakers, but it may mean that you would like to start becoming more conscious of the amount of paper and usage your printers put out everyday. But of course, there is no way that you can monitor the printer usage all the time, and you would most likely be remiss in your duties if you were to give up on the issue entirely. So where’s the middle ground of becoming a responsible paper user and an all around jerk that monitors the printer room 24/7?

Luckily, we’ve complied a few important policies that may benefit your office’s need for responsible printing measures and tips that will save you on maintenance costs down the road for your equipment.

Konica Minolta’s Bizhub Series Recognized with Prestigious Award

With another brilliant display of melding beauty and functionality, Konica Minolta has won the coveted “The Good Design Award 2012”, which is organized by Japan Institute of Design Promotion (JDP). This honor was awarded to seven distinct models of color multifunction printers that Konica Minolta offers the market. The award comes as no surprise, as Konica Minolta has always been well known as a steward of great design concepts that also perform very well in the field.

Specifically, Konica Minolta’s color multifunction printer bizhub series was highly evaluated for the user interface of the device. This interface allows users to operate seamlessly and consistently among various devices making it outstanding in terms of both functionality and design. Paving the way for the future, Konica Minolta’s devices have always been staples of innovation and end-user compatibility.

Consolidate Your Office Devices Today

Consolidating the devices that you currently operate in your printer fleet is always a means of making your office more efficient and more affordable in the long run. Instead of walking into a crowded printer room full of outdated equipment, why not invest in a long-term strategy designed to promote cost savings and low-maintenance costs? It is becoming increasingly popular to rid the office of the “one machine for one job” mentality and switch to a multifunction system that promotes all the staples of office work into one functioning machine.

In short, printer and device consolidation aims to reduce and optimize the number of devices in an office’s printer fleet to decrease the cost of hardware, consumable products (paper, ink, toner, etc.), electricity, and overall maintenance. Even though this type of implementation may seem like a no-brainer, many businesses are still reluctant to the idea of consolidating their devices for easy and efficient use. What some businesses aren’t aware of is how small of an investment the switch actually is and how many benefits arise from making the switch to a multifunction system.

Major Printing Trends Coming your Way

Companies are always looking for ways to cut costs and breed efficiency in the office. Sometimes an internal audit of systems and how things are managed can offer valuable information and insight on how things can be improved. It is becoming an important trend to alleviate expense in unnecessary areas, especially in an age of digital solutions and services.

One area that companies may be taking a look at first is how they are handling their inter-office printing strategies. Firms realize that there is a ton of money to be saved by just cutting down on the amount of printing that is done in the office. The major trends seem to point to more of an electronic data filing and storing method that eliminates the need of superfluous printing.

Selling More Print Equipment in a Down Market

When the markets are up and businesses are free with budgets, selling virtually any product is very easy. When revenues and profits are up, it is easy for budgets to be free.

The challenge that every business has during a down market is to prove their worth in a way that allows clients to see the value in what they have to offer. Selling in a down market can be a real challenge when the most common objection heard by a sales rep is, “I am sorry, but we just can’t spend any money right now because of the economy.”

Multifunction Printers Can Give Your Office A Boost

Businesses are constantly evolving with the times. Everything from customer service down to a business' appearance and positioning change over time to better fit the market conditions. This shouldn't be any different for your printing practices. As your company and technology evolves, it only makes sense to segue into more efficient and effective printing methods for your business.

Every business out there is aware of multifunction devices now that combine printing, scanning, faxing and other office functions. What they may not know is how to fully utilize this technology to benefit their company's processes and save them time and money overall. Here are just a few of functions that can save your business:

Hidden Costs of Printing Part 2

As we mentioned in a previous post, there are many printing costs that aren’t apparent at first. Only once you've made your purchase and begun using the equipment do these expenses begin to show. Here are just a few more.

Repair costs on a $100 inkjet printer may never be a consideration, but as larger workgroup and departmental printers break, it is not as practical to simply replace those devices. Sometimes the repair is as simple as replacing a feed roller, sometimes it requires more work. You can have someone on staff repair the device, but without proper experience, it could actually cost you more in wages and opportunity costs than you realize. You might outsource that, but if your repair contract is in line, you may be paying far more for that repair than you should.


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