The Important Specs for Home Printers

When looking at buying printers and other office equipment, there are so many specifications that it can be difficult to sift through them all to find the important figures. Well let us help you out here. The specs below are the main ones you'll want to take into consideration when looking for printing equipment. While others will aid in your decision, these figures must be known before any purchase decision is made.

Auto Duplexing - A printer that can print on both sides of the paper automatically saves paper, time and money. If you plan to use significant volumes of prints, be sure that your printer has automatic duplex printing capabilities.

Hidden Costs of Printing Part 1

Even though an average of 2% of annual revenues are consumed with office printing, most companies have no idea how much they are spending to operate their fleet of laser printers. Most costs associated with printing go unaudited and most organizations spend far more in print reproduction than they realize.

Print reproduction is expensive. In fact, it might be more expensive than you realize. There are three key areas of cost in print reproduction. They are toner and supplies, maintenance and inefficiencies in printer usage.

Do Inkjet Cartridges Really Need Replaced?

Everyone has had that home printer that seems to miraculously run out of ink every other month even though you rarely use it. While this doesn't apply quite as fittingly to large scale office printers, smaller or home printers are affected by this continually. It can be difficult to tell how much ink you actually have left in the cartridges and how much you need to finish a printing job. It may seem like you just replaced the cartridge and somehow you are getting warnings flashing when you print something that cartridge ink is low.

It can also be incredibly frustrating to run out of ink half way through a print job and have to rush to cancel the rest so you don't get thirty off color copies. So what do you do? Is it best to replace the cartridge when prompted and not know how many more prints you would have gotten from that cartridge? On the other hand, do you keep using the old cartridge until you get streaky prints and end up having to reprint the document?

Printer Specs: What You Need to Know

If you are in the market for a printer, you know that there are so many options out there. There are various sizes, speeds, resolutions, shapes, colors… (list continues forever). With all of these options, what do you need to focus on to make sure you get the right printer for you? All you need is a machine that will spit out the documents on your computer and make them look pretty good. Well here are three important features to consider when concerning the quality of the documents you need to produce.

Monthly Duty Cycle: This number indicates how durable the printer is and how much print volume it can handle in a given month. A lower volume printer like the one you use in your home probably won't even have a monthly duty cycle number so if your print volume is very low, then don't even worry about it. Otherwise, when looking at the numbers, know that the monthly duty cycle number is often about 6-8 times what you should realistically expect the printer to be capable of printing in a month.

Interesting Advancements in Printing Technology

Since the dawn of the printer, there have been continual advancements in technology that continue to make our lives easier, faster and more reliable. These advancements have taken shape in both hardware, software and through other avenues like machine memory and security. Well some of the newest print technology is here.

Solidoodle has just introduced the world's first 3-d printer that costs under $500. While this may not apply to your office or replace your document printer by any means, it is still an interesting advancement that shows what we are capable of.

Print From Your Smart Phone

With the continuous advancement in print technology, phones and electronic capabilities in general, we are now able to do a lot more on the go. We used to only have internet at the office, now all we have to do is reach into our pockets to check email, or send reports. Printer drivers used to be a nightmare of options and settings. Now, drivers have standards and are generally pretty easy to install and use.

Overall, technology is becoming more advanced while becoming easier to use. This trend is also helping technologies merge to allow for new possibilities. One relatively new development is the ability to print from iPads and iPhones, and other smartphones soon to follow. The feature is called Air Print and is only supported on select printers and brands. While more and more models and brands are becoming compatible, there is an alternative method as well.

Save Money in Your Business Operations

All businesses are seeking to cut unnecessary spending to improve their bottom line. With everyone out there looking to cut costs, there are many different areas of your business where expenditures can be reduced. One less common method is to reduce the businesses spend on printing costs. Here are a few ways to reduce your costs in the printing department.

Eliminate Unnecessary Printing

While this sounds a bit obvious, it’s surprising the amount of unnecessary printing that goes on. Before any print job, stop for a moment and ask yourself, “Do I need this printed out or can I view it on a screen just as effectively?” If there is a meeting, instead of printing one document package per person, have small groups share documents and encourage collaboration.

What Should I Do, Lease or Buy?

When a company looks at their printing methods and is considering acquiring new printing, copying and scanning equipment, it can be confusing whether purchasing or leasing new equipment is the right choice for the business. In truth, the answer is that the best method depends on the goals of the organization, its resources and the intended use of the office equipment.

Here are a few of the main advantages and disadvantages of leasing office equipment to help businesses decide what acquisition method is best for them.


The most significant advantage of leasing is that there is not a significant capital investment up front to purchase the machine. Paying on monthly terms will reduce upfront costs and could make the acquisition more manageable for a smaller company with less considerable resources.


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