Ricoh EWS Data Safety eWriter Solution Document Retention

Data safety is an ongoing concern of any organization.
Paper forms an important and often under-appreciated component of any organization’s data retention system. Paper is durable, and hard to accidentally delete in bulk. Even disasters like fire or flooding can be mitigated by appropriate paper storage techniques, making paper the “ultimate backup” in case of digital systems failure in many companies.

The eWriter Solution is designed to ensure the safety of valuable digital documents like contracts and orders, even in the face of unlikely disasters.

Ricoh EWS combines:
-Redundant storage
-Geographic isolation
-Timely and automatic backup
-Disposal policies
-Data integrity verification

This provides you with storage that is as safe as paper, but with much lower costs to implement.

Safety Measures
When considering how eWriter records would be stored, Ricoh EWS began by asking “what makes paper safe?”. We quickly found that the natural ability of paper to make multiple copies was a key element. Making multiple copies was easy to understand, easy to do and effective for even untrained employees. Therefore in the digital realm, getting redundancy right, without adding needless cost and introducing new vulnerabilities, has been the focus of our efforts and one core of its new services.


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