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How to Make Toner Pirates Walk the Plank

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Have you heard of the infamous "toner pirates" lurking around your company? Do you know who these scammers are, what they look like, and how to get rid of them? Here's everything you need to know about toner pirates--and how to make sure they walk the plank!

Raising Your Spyglass

What does a toner pirate look like? Toner pirates wear many hats, so that spyglass needs to be raised and ready for just about anything. Luckily, you can always identify these scammers by their goal: getting you to pay for toner that is either low-quality or entirely nonexistent.

Staying Protected Against Toner Pirates


Every business with a copier will need toner, and that toner is an important part of getting business done. With toner being so vital to the office, it's important to avoid the toner pirates that can swindle your company and leave you without what you paid for. 

Effective Tactics to Handle Pesky Toner Pirates


When it's time to order some toner, there is much more to think about than looking for the best available price. Sometimes, lower prices are used to scam companies into buying fake toner, cheap toner, or losing money in exchange for nothing at all. Here's how toner pirates may try to scam your business. 

Tips and Tricks to Avoiding Toner Pirates


Toner pirates are out there, taking money from companies and delivering little or nothing in return. Here are a few tips for avoiding these pirates and getting the toner you need without the risk.

Don't Let the Toner Pirates Target Your Business!


Toner pirates are out there, and they're targeting businesses just like yours. Here's how they ply their trade and how you can stop them before they scam your company out of money.

Best Practices to Avoid Those Pesky Toner Pirates


When you think about all of the hazards of doing business today, pirates may not be on your radar. However, toner pirates are a real scourge, and they can end up costing unsuspecting businesses a lot of time and money.

Don't Let the Toner Pirates Win


There are a lot of things to worry about in the modern office, but pirates may not be one of them in your business. However, there are pirates out there causing untold problems in offices around the country. Toner pirates are ready to scam you, but you can be ready for them.

A Toner Pirate's "Merchandise"


In today’s world, it can be hard to tell what is real and what is fake. While people have heard about counterfeit money and even counterfeit DVD’s and video games, there are even counterfeit products in the world of printing. Where there is money to be made, counterfeit products are going to show up to undercut the margins and steal a few bucks. Fake printing cartridges make up a significant portion of the market, costing people billions of dollars every year. There are a few points that people need to know when it comes to fake printer cartridges.

Stay Away from This Office Scam


The toner pirate scam has taken off in recent years because people don’t always understand where their print supplies come from, so it’s easier to trick them into buying something they don’t need.

Also, with multiple employees involved in print, when a random invoice shows up, sometimes it just gets paid, or with an angry phone call, someone may make a decision that puts your contact information out there and your whole business at risk.

Industry Secrets for Avoiding Toner Pirates


Toner pirates are a common occurrence in today’s world of scams and convenience, which is why it’s a good reminder to check in with your teams about how to spot a scam. Toner pirates know that no one wants to deal with issues like print toner, so they send fake invoices and create monthly payments for products you never receive.

To avoid toner pirates, awareness is critical, but also having a good relationship with your print supply company who can stop a scam before it starts.


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