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What is a Toner Pirate? And other Security Questions


Toner pirates are a major scare in today's print world. Laugh at the name if you must – even throw in a little pirate talk, 'Arrrggg…' but stay away from toner pirates, whatever you do! They do not sell a product that you want to buy.

Toner pirates are scam artists that take advantage of cash strapped companies to sell fake, useless toner or other products that don't do the job if they even arrive.

Watch Out for Counterfeit Printer Supplies


Investing in printer supplies may seem easy or like a no-brainer. Cheapest is best. Wait, wait – that's not it.

That mindset has helped "toner pirates," selling scam toner and putting businesses in precarious security situations, to thrive and prey on any company that doesn't build a stable relationship with a vendor and knows where their toner is coming from.

Don't be fooled by these fakes! It can have severe implications for your entire business.

Toner Scams – Warnings and Risks


It seems like there is a scam for everything today, and businesses especially have to watch their backs. It's frustrating, but with some education and a little preparation, you can stay ahead of concerns.

Print environments are sometimes a major source of scamming because managers get frustrated with their print systems and just want to find an easy fix. First of all, managers should know that there is a solution for a stressful print environment, and it's print management.

Tips to Avoid Toner Scams

fraud alert

The name might sound funny, but the problem is real – “toner pirates” are working hard to scam offices out of money, steal data, and create recurring charges that go unnoticed while businesses don’t receive anything in return. It’s not an unrealistic problem, either.

In 2016, a $216 million telemarketing scam was busted for selling overpriced toner over the phone. The threat is real!

Inform employees about toner pirates and other possible scams to make sure the pirates don’t sink your ship!

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